Code 95 training

This is an initial professional qualification or periodic training in the field of professional development for the carriage of goods and/or passengers. For future professional drivers of all European Union countries who want to transport goods and/or passengers for commercial purposes (i.e., for remuneration), it is mandatory to acquire code 95 and subsequently update their knowledge/qualifications every 5 years in special periodic training courses.

The purpose of the professional qualification program of code 95 is to update the driver’s knowledge and abilities about the loading and consolidation of cargo, rational and economical driving, to familiarize himself with changes in regulations and other regulatory acts that must be observed during the transportation and loading (unloading) of goods.

Initial driver training for code 95
Duration of training:150 h
The cost of learning:270 Eur
Periodic training of drivers for code 95
Duration of training:35 h
The cost of learning:70 Eur